David Wilkerson for POTUS - 2020

Please excuse the amateurish look of the website, I had to build it myself. I will be placing a picture of myself on here as soon as I can.

I think our country is in a sad place right now. The politicians running this country, are running it into the ground, and we have all been sitting idly by and watching. It seems like we are all waiting on our political party of choice to save the country and turn it in the right direction and it isn't happening. Every time there is a presidential election, hear all the promises about what this person will do or what that person will do, but it never happens. The problem is, there are so many of the politicians worried about lining their own pockets, that they never accomplish the RIGHT things. We have the Democrats fighting the Republicans, the Republicans fighting the Democrats and we also have them fighting amongst themselves. If they were really worried about this country, then they would sit down, act like adults and work together to make things better. We have allowed them to divide us and make us argue about everything you could possibly imagine. We need to join together and make drastic, positive changes to the path this country is travelling. In my opinion, we need to elect leaders that care about this country, instead of becoming powerful and rich.

George Washington was our first president and one of our Founding Fathers. He was a very intelligent man and he was very perceptive of potential dangers. He had a great sense of knowing the results of specific actions. He gave a rather unconventional farewell speech because instead of giving the speech to the public and in front of an audience, he had it printed in the “American Daily Advertiser”. In his speech, he gave a lot of warnings and predictions of the future if certain government actions or inactions occurred. It was a 32-page hand written speech, so I will list the main warnings below.

He warned the people about sectionalism. He thought that America could not succeed if they put the needs of a region or state above the needs of their country. He believed that all Americans should be loyal to America. He also warned against sectionalism related to political parties. He did not believe that the U.S. could prosper if politicians were arguing against each other and people were taking sides. This would only divide the population.

He warned that the United States should not become entangled in other nations' affairs. He believed that any long-term alliances with countries would lead to long term hostilities with others. He thought that it was best to stay out of other nations' business and only work together with a country if necessary. He also believed that the U.S., as an independent country, should not rely on other countries for help.

He also reminded everyone of the importance and authority of the Constitution. He warned Americans not to disregard the Constitution or try to significantly alter it. This, he said, would upset America's careful and effective balance of power.

He warned the US to avoid unnecessary war and borrowing so that they could balance the federal budget and rid themselves of national debt. He also reminded the people that taxes were an important part of a federal budget. He warned the government to choose carefully before taxing an item.

As you can see, none of his warnings were heeded. We, as a country and government, have done the exact opposite of what he warned us not to do. What happened? Exactly what he said would happen. Everyone is fighting each other, we all call each other names and believe the party we align with is the absolute authority on what should happen. We believe the news stations, unconditionally, that align with our political party, but if we were honest with ourselves we would see that all of this holds back the progress of our country and our citizens.

We need regular blue-collar type people in office instead of the rich and/or politically motivated people we always must choose from. I would like to lead this country in the right direction and I would appreciate your support in this endeavor. You can read about my vision, you can see where I stand on various subjects and you can read about me via the links above. I am not rich, so your help and donations in achieving this, is necessary if I am to win. I will also need help in spreading the word that I am seeking the position of President of the United States. We can overcome our issues and get off this destructive path, but only if we come together and get rid of all the lifelong politicians that have been milking this country dry for so long.

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